We are a German-based software company specialized in bringing different technologies and platforms together woven of a creative and crafty team of developers and technologists.
While focusing on professional project management and software development, we are committed to delivering high-quality results and total customer satisfaction. That’s why we will not be only your partners-we will be your friends, we are here to accompany every idea you have with a cup of coffee or tea.

Our manifesto is: the digital world is all about people. We believe in making the difference by the way we work and interact with customers and colleagues- professionally, but flexible and transparent.

We firmly believe that in the digital world it’s all about people, so we make a difference through the way we work and interact with customers and colleagues – professional, but mostly informal and open. It is part of our manifesto.

Creating standalone iOS, Android and Web apps is what we can do the most. On top of that, we make sure that our solutions perfectly integrate with each other. Hand in hand with our customers we research, sketch and bring attractive and usable solutions.

What we do best

Project Management

Planning, monitoring and controlling. We oversee projects for software development, hardware installations and network upgrades as well as cloud computing, virtualization roll-outs, business analytics, data management projects and implement IT services. We believe this is what takes for an idea to become award-winning, worthy of installation and not de-installation. Specialized project management is crucial for higher success rate, and this is a part of the job that we do alongside firmly disbelieving in anything else but triumph. But why bothering you with all those complicated phrases when we can just tell you we got everything covered-you just bring the idea.


What is your first urge when you need something or when you want to know something? Google, it! (or search for it in Play Store) Apps and websites are everywhere. Everything is online – it is so easy to get something, but it is equally easy to click out of it or uninstall. You might have good content, and your app might have been well developed, but if your user experience is bad, you might just end up as captain Picard asking for „damage report.“ On the other hand, if your app is clear, easy to use and has a logical flow to it, you enhance the user experience. At Evolutio IT we create such.


It’s no secret that customer service is a large part of every successful business. Whether your company is big or small, we can deploy solutions that give you an advantage and help you grow your organization, while ensuring your day-to-day operations run smoothly. When things don’t go as planned, it’s important to have access to a team of experts who can help you quickly and efficiently. That’s why we offer 24/7 support making our doors always open to provide the best customer support.

UX/UI Design

The design is our compass in creating your digital presence. We bring your products or services across in ways that make people feel good as they engage with your business. We firmly believe that making your people happy is not about U or Us; it’s all about UX. Our team will research goals, expectations and relevant context for your customers and prototype user flow diagram that will show how users should react to your product, and at the end, there is user testing that is giving the final touch to the whole process. The cherry on the top should be UI design. Visually perfected to the smallest detail so it would be overpowering, irresistible final glare to round the story up

Research & testing

What a beautiful, colorful flower is for a bee, that what user interface is for your customer. It is your first contact with the potential user, and we are aware that in an inexhaustible sea of product available today, bigger than ever in human history, you need to be unique, original and distinctive to be recognized. But… Do you know why some bees only visit yellow flowers and some red? We don’t either. But we are aware that not every user is the same and if we like something that doesn’t mean the end-users will do. That’s why we’re testing everything.


Ever since it showed up on the tech scene in 2007 iPhone was a standard-setter. It turned tech-world upside down and worked on improvements year to year since. In last, few years iOS and Android are two antipodal opponents as black and white are-both with users providing pros and cons, each having (subjective) reasons for (not) using them. Wanted to admit or not, you have to agree with one thing-Apple is still a status symbol of modern digital society and we all want to have a premium product, but also a premium extensions as apps and tools. Competition is tougher than ever, but we believe that your idea and our expertise can be a blockbuster.


Worthy iOS’s opponent… Or should we represent it a bit different? We already concluded that Apple is a status symbol, but why is Android so popular that in last quartal of 2016. 81,7% out of almost 450 million sold smartphones worked on Android? The answer is accessible devices, or-price. Not everyone can afford a status symbol like an iPhone, but most can afford to have a smartphone, and Android took advantage of this market, so we witnessed Android users number surpassed Windows user number a while ago. But although this may seem like an easy road, beware-android users are lighter on „deinstall“ button for about 200%! On average 3 out of 10 apps will be uninstalled and if you think you have a really great idea and don’t want it to be thrown away that easily-say „hi!“ to us and we’ll be happy to do our best your idea stays on that devices!