Unleash the power of your Atlassian Cloud products with Caelor!

Caelor’s main goal is to develop easy-to-use app extensions for the Atlassian Cloud Ecosystem. Their apps are used in numerous solutions worldwide, by both small and large companies across various industries. All of their apps aim to extend the existing functionalities of Atlassian applications so they can offer new features and deliver the best possible user experience.

Through numerous apps that they offer, you can boost your Confluence and Jira experience to another level. You get the chance to optimize, manage your planning, and become even more productive. With Caelor, you will close the gap between Atlassian Cloud and Data Center, and get more valuable features on the Atlassian Suite.

By delivering Caelor’s new Website, we got to be a part of this extraordinary Atlassian journey. Our team played with different technologies, and the final result is far beyond expected. Colorful design, easy-to-use interface, and emphasis on the content and Caelor apps are what made this project a major success.

It’s necessary to say that we are more than proud to have Caelor as our client, and we are grateful that we could participate in the process of creating such an amazing product. The Caelor team sends the best message for all Atlassian users: “There are some things you can’t do with Jira and Confluence, for everything else there is Caelor.”

Feel the power of Caelor!

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