We created “Dwight - Priority To Do Matrix” app to be your personal assistant in everyday tasks and business plans. After a lot of hard work, sleepless nights, and a bunch of sharp mids put together - we can proudly give you an app that will become your go-to when it comes to organizing and managing. Lead by the famous “Eisenhower principle” our team delivered an app that specifically divides your tasks into four quadrants, and makes you truly aware of what’s important, and what’s urgent.

The need for organization arises especially in this hectic time, and we all want to regain control of our lives. Maybe, sometimes, we wander off in the wrong direction - but it’s never too late to take the manners into your own hands, and do something amazing with your life. Starting with your everyday tasks like doing laundry, cleaning the house, or going grocery shopping, to ones that are focused on your business life - finishing that long-awaited presentation, pitching a new idea to your boss, and so much more…

Define which tasks are important, and which ones are urgent. Once you’ve done that, you’re already halfway through and now, you can start managing your tasks with such ease. Integrate from your favorite apps (Microsoft Outlook, Gmail, iOS Reminder, Jira, Confluence, Microsoft Planner) for the ultimate experience. Begin your journey today, and let the organization’s current guide you.

Enjoying sports has reached another level! With the SportSwitcher you can easily and simply manage live sports events on your TVs. The SportSwitcher offers TV information on all of your favorite sports, and it’s so easy to use. With just a few clicks, you can manage your TVs right before the big game.

With live TV information for 3 days in advance, you’ll always be up-to-speed with every sport you like. You will spend less time adjusting images, and have more time for the real core business. Another awesome feature, alongside a large repertoire of sports, is that SportSwitcher offers enviably fast and easy switching from one channel to the next one.


Daily quality control of TV information has been brought to perfection. Allowing you, the true sports enthusiast, to dive into a new dimension of sport. And, that’s what’s SportSwitcher is all about.

SportEventz proudly carries the title for the biggest live stream and satellite TV schedule with broadcasting details! Satelite name, frequency, and encryption - all in one place. SportEventz provides information on more than 25000 sports matches in over 30 sports, from more than 100 countries, and offers a daily program guide from more than 5000 broadcasters and live stream providers.

Whatever your preference is - Bundesliga, Champions League, NBA, NHL, NFL, or you’re a snooker fan - SportEventz is the right solution for you. With more than 2000 free-to-air broadcasters and live stream providers on our list, SportEventz will help you to locate and watch the best sports events on TV and online.

Search for channels, countries, competitions, or your beloved team. Choose your primary sport, set the kick-off reminder for your favorite match, and always stay in the loop. With SportEventz, you can!

Majesty of sneakers - Pluggi. We partnered up with this amazing team, achieved terrific cooperation, and got the best possible results. The Pluggi team asked for a new Website, and that’s where we stepped in. The goal was to deliver a clean, modern, and most important, user-friendly Website. 

A big part of the overall process of making the new design for Pluggi was understanding the client’s and user’s needs. By delivering this kind of innovative and modern Website, we achieved significant changes and brought the user experience to the highest level. Now, users can browse through Pluggi’s rich collection with ease. Which was the main point, after all. 

Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, Pluggi is your no. 1 solution. Verified sellers list their sneakers for sales, and buyers can easily browse through the collection and find their perfect pair. Alongside the simple maneuvering through the page, your purchase will be 100% safe thanks to their authenticity guarantee, and buyer protection.

We achieved outstanding results, delivered everything our clients asked for, and we have ensured smooth use and navigation for all Pluggi users. Making this a win-win situation for everyone.

Visit Pluggi Website, and find or sell your perfect match today

One of our biggest moments was when we teamed up with Tipster. Specialists in football bets. With the fastest odds, payouts up to 1 million euro, unlimited multi-bets, great live betting, and more - The Tipster app offers you all the fun you need while betting. You can register via mobile phone and be directly inside any sport you want.

Tipster betting app is built completely native. As a result of long, hard work, we got the best performance, quick loading time, fast live scores, and the fastest available odds on the market, as well as the best user experience. Users can place bets instantly, and win before the final whistle. An auto-calculated bid allows users to withdraw the remaining bid at fair value.

Building a native iOS mobile app with such large data was our first step in mobile development. With our simple and elegant design, simplified to the maximum, and the content reduced to only important features - the users get the best possible experience. That’s why the iOS app was super successful, and that’s why we knew that building an Android app is also necessary.

It took us two months to finish the Android app, and it opened up the whole world to the Tipster team. Now, Tipster is being used all over the world, and we are continuing on our work and mission to improve and be in tune with the latest guidelines.

The overall result is amazing, we achieved terrific cooperation and managed to deliver the best possible app for online bets.

Explore the world of betting with the most trustworthy partner. 

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