Marija Radišić
 - 5 min

Source for collectible sneakers

Today's news - we have a new partner - Pluggi. The empire of sneakers at its finest!

Pluggi is your trustful source for collectible sneakers. Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, Pluggi ensures a fair process. Verified sellers list their sneakers for sales, and buyers can easily browse through the collection and find their perfect pair.

Our team successfully delivered the new Pluggi Website, with outstanding features, a clean look, and various illustrations. With that, providing the most important thing - the best user experience!

By listening to our client’s needs, using the best technology stacks combined with our assigned product team, we achieved the perfect workflow. 

Key features

• Efficiency
• Transparency
• Safety
• Simplicity

What more can we say - we’re super happy to start this, hopefully, long-term, partnership.
Take a look at what have we done, and explore the amazing world of sneakers. Be a part of Pluggi.

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