Pluggi is your trustful source for collectable sneakers. Whether you are looking to buy or sell, Pluggi ensures a fair process. Verified sellers list their sneakers for sale and buyers can browse through the selection of sneakers on the website. Our authenticity guarantee and buyer protection make Pluggi the most efficient, safe and transparent marketplace for buying and selling sneakers. Our specialists inspect every detail from stitching, material, form, label, color, serial number and much more and check them with our database to ensure its authenticity and quality. We bear the shipping costs for you, take care of the temporary storage of your sneakers, and send them to the buyer using a high-quality and fancy packaging.

All this causes costs, which we cover with the selling fees.

For a marketplace to function properly, all participants must respect the rules. For this reason, when a sale is confirmed, it can no longer be cancelled.

Buy or Sell – Browse through our selection of sneakers and always buy at the lowest price for each size or list your sneakers at your price for sale on Pluggi.


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Key features

  • Efficiency
    Pluggi is manually checked for authenticity by our specialists

  • Transparency
    Every transaction is secured by us as a middleman

  • Safety
    The authenticity of all products has been verified. No need to worry about getting a replica or a chargeback if you are selling


What we did


A big part of the overall process of making the new design for Pluggi was understanding the users need. By delivering clean and modern designs with various illustration, the Pluggi website has made a significant change on their UX, making its website looking modern and more user-friendly.


What we are using is best technology stack, combining that with our assign product team turns to a perfect workflow. We used Objective-C in the iOS development and latest development tools, and languages for Android. Our goal is to build native applications that can be easily upgraded with newest features.

UX/UI Design

What we believe in is that in a constant-developing world of apps highlight needs to be on users, and praxis showed that native design apps are the best solution giving that every year people are dedicating more and more of their time to devices and apps. Latest UI guidelines we are following are emphasizing big data represented in best possible way.