The fastest odds, payout up to 1 million-euro, unlimited multi-bets, great live betting and more – with the free Tipster app, you can now have all the fun you need while betting. Register with your mobile phone and be directly inside of Football, Basketball, Ice hockey, Handball, Boxing and a lot more sports.

Note: You need to be at least 18 years old to play Tipster

Tipster betting app is built completely native. As a result of the long road work, we got the best performance, quick loading time, fast live scores and the fastest available odds on the market as well as the best user experience for users.


Key features

  • Best performance
    Place bets instantly with short loading time and fast live scores

  • Money
    Win before the final whistle! An auto-calculated bid allows you to withdraw the remaining bid at fair value

  • Loyalty card
    Sign in and bet directly on the app

  • Fun addition
    Use Tipster stickers for iMessage

  • Live
    Watch football matches in real-time with detailed statistics

  • Overview
    Have a look at all bets and odds from over 350 events daily and track your balance

  • Security
    The MGA regular reviews


What we did


Building a native iOS mobile app with large data was our first step in mobile development. The app is simplified to the maximum, and the content is reduced to the most important features for the best UX.


There was a huge market share to be covered after successful iOS release, and two months later our first Android project was online. Tipster is now used all over the world, and we are continuing on our work and mission to improve on a daily basis complied with the latest guidelines.


What we are using is best technology stack, combining that with our assign product team turns to a perfect workflow. We used Objective-C in the iOS development and latest development tools, and languages for Android. Our goal is to build native applications that can be easily upgraded with newest features.

Tipster mobile app
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