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Marija Radišić
 - 5 min

Specialist in football bets

It’s a huge honor to present our new partners - Tipster!   
The fastest odds, payout up to 1 million-euro, unlimited multi-bets, great live betting, and more. With the free Tipster app, you can have all the fun you need while betting.

The goal was to create a native application that can be easily upgraded as needed so it can become the best possible app for live betting. And, we took the assignment seriously!

We used Swift in iOS development and the latest development tools and languages for Android. And, it worked out really well. With a modern and powerful look, and emphasis on the content, the user experience was put on the first spot. We couldn’t be more proud of the final product.

Key Features

• Best performance
• Loyalty card
• Fun additions  
• Security
• Live matches
• Overview of bets and odds

What did we do?

• iOS development
• Android development

This is just a beginning of an amazing partnership.   Check out what have we done on Android & iOS 👌

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